A gift of warmth to heal two hearts…   
     Sarah Smith in Pine Hill, Kentucky has had her heart broken    
    in the past. She pours herself into her work at church and   
    into special projects—like making a quilt for a wounded warrior.   
     Bodie Lewis is lost. All he’s ever wanted was his career as an     
     Army Ranger, but he was injured in an explosion that killed     
     his brothers in arms. In the hospital, he receives a handmade  
     quilt. Later, he sets out on his final mission: to find and thank   
    its maker.  
     Bodie expected Sarah to be an elderly lady, not a lovely young   
     woman. When she mistakes him for a handyman, he doesn’t   
     immediately set her straight. Instead, he sets about repairing   
     the home she’s turning into a bed and breakfast. Sarah’s    
     presence and the spirit of the small town bring Bodie something   
     he thought he’d left far behind on the battlefield: hope.
    This heartwarming sweet romance includes a free quilt pattern     
    from the Quilts of Valor Foundation and a new original Hallmark   
    recipe for Cinnamon Swirl Bread


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